The Swan Lake ballerinas

If I had to choose a ballet as my favourite it would undoubtedly be The Swan Lake of  Tchaikovsky. Its melody, its staging, the wonderful costumes… that’s why our version of the white swan and the black swan could not be missing in our Ballerinas Collection. Thus, we welcome Diana and Lauren to our Lauvely world!




Lauren dreams of traveling to the North Pole to dance under the snow and leave her footprints in the white cover while thousands of snowflakes fall slowly on her. And, in passing, she would love to see any polar bear, her favorite animal. She is such a dreamer!



Diana, however, likes dancing on the roof of her building. She does it barefoot as she contemplates how the night comes, watching how the lights and neons of the city slowly come on. Afterwards, she takes a hot chocolate while wondering who will be dancing behind each window.



Lauren and Diana have a touch of lurex fibres on their dresses that gives them a special bright look. Because such special ballerinas needed a special touch!

As all the Lauvely Friends our ballerinas are knitted with the softest 100% lambswool, with the OEKO-TEX® certificated and, as always, handmade and hand-embroidered one by one in our lauvely studio.


With no doubt, our most special ballerinas!

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