The story of Billy Cat

Four years ago Billy Cat Solidario was born, even before Lauvely (maybe Lauvely was born because of Billy Cat, but that is another story) and it came inspired by a similar event, “Softies for Mirabel”, that one day caught my attention on Instagram and where, once a year, people all over the world send handmade toys for the kids of the Mirabel Foundation. I felt moved by the idea and I thought that we could make something alike, at a smaller scale, in our little town. That is how Billy Cat was born, a simple kitten made from recycled jumpers.

The first year we collaborated with a small cultural association called Mar de Niebla, and the goal was to get as many toys as kids the association helps, about thirty toys, which were finally some more.

The second year we collaborated with Asociación Clowntigo, a bunch of wonderful hospital clowns, that is why Billy Cat had a red little nose, which suits him so well that he is keeping it. Once again we organized a little workshop where lots of cats were born (it was a very special day that you can see here), and the rest came, little by little by mail, from every corner of Spain. Anonymous people got involved in the project and we gathered more than 150 toys that the Asociación Clowntigo delivered every Friday to the kids hospitalized in Hospital de Oviedo (Spain). They were several months visiting the pediatrics floor accompanied by our toys! And there is no need to say that the reception from the kids was amazing.

And last year we counted on Clowntigo and you again and this is already becoming a tradition. Do we continue with it?

And I am telling you this story because this year we want to repeat and we want you to help us to get red-nosed Billy Cats again, so the friendly clowns of the Asociación Clowntigo can gift them to the kids who spend Christmas in hospital and make them laugh.

– Attending to our workshop that will take place on Saturday December 16th, from 17.00 to 20.00pm in Vintastic Shop, C/ San Antonio 9, Gijón. Places are limited so pre-registration is essential writing to (registrations will be made in order of arrival).

– You can also make your toy at home. You can download your pattern here, and follow the steps of the tutorial. It is a toy very easy to make, don’t be afraid if you can’t sew, you only need a collaborative attitude and an old jumper. When it is ready you can send us an email to and we will give you the shipping address. The term ends on December 30th, 2017.

That easy! You can also follow the day-by-day of Billy Cat on its Facebook page “Mi Billy Cat Solidario” and don’t forget to share your pictures on Instagram with the tag #mibillycatsolidario :)

Workshop photos: © Maria Cear

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