The beautiful family of Marta

Combining the work of Lauvely with a baby is being harder than I thought and even if I plan a thousand things I have no time to do the most part of them … So, these interviews are coming out with more delay than I thought, but it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that here they are and if they don’t arrive in time to inspire you this Christmas, they will do it for the next ones.

Today I introduce you to Marta from @undiagris, one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts that I follow, so if you don’t follow her, I don’t know what you are waiting for! Her photos are full of freshness and love and her photo captions they always make you smile. I was a fan of Valentina and Mandarino, but since Benito arrived … Oh! I’m in love with him! It’s also very cool to share motherhood with her almost at the same time and see that what Benito does now it will be done by Oliver in a few months.

But now I don’t talk more and I leave you with Marta and I hope you feel inspired by her wonderful family.

Hi, Marta! Thank you so much for letting us to get into your house and for this little interview. First of all , please, introduce your family (how many kids/cats you have, how old are they, where do you live, what do you do for a living…).

HHello, Laura :), I introduce you to my family in order of arrival and I will start with the last incorporation, Benito.
Benito is our 8 month old son, since his arrival we have our life upside down, it is an incredible change.I do not remember us so tired but not so happy :). Before Beni arrived we were already a large family, we have two cats, Valentina and Mandarino which have been with us for seven years.
And we just have to introduce Julen, my husband, and me. He is 30 years old and he is an aeronautical engineer, he works in a robotics company and also teaches at the university. I am 31 and since Benito arrived I have not worked away from home. I really wanted to enjoy this moment and not miss anything of his first year of life.
Before “the little great revolution” I worked as a sports instructor for people with disabilities, a job that I love and where I worked for eleven years.


What’s the best thing about being Beni’s mother?

The best thing about being Benito’s mother is the new version of “Marta” that he is turning me into.
I feel stronger, determined, patient, also tired, we are not going to fool ourselves; but being Benito’s mother certainly brings out the best in me and I really like it.

What’s it like to live with two cats and a baby?

It’s hilarious. We never had doubts that the cats would accept the baby when he arrived but the connection that has been created with one of them (Mandarin) is incredible. He doesn’t separate from him and now that Beni has started interacting they spend the day looking for each other :).


We love the freshness of your Instagram account and the decoration of your home, where do you find inspiration to decorate it? What’s your favorite corner of your house?

Thanks a lot! The truth is that I love redecorating, changing the furniture… I don’t usually look for inspiration in any specific place. At home I like to have white walls and furniture and give touches of color with pictures, plants, cushions, lamps…
We have gone through three different flats and we have always decorated them little by little. Sometimes looking for every detail and sometimes finding it by chance.


How have you decorated his room? (If he doesn’t have any, his corner).

At the moment Beni has no room of his own. He sleeps with us and he has a corner with a dresser and a changing table that we have decorated with photos, memories of his time at the hospital, gifts, drawings … it’s a kind of altar that we assembled before he arrived and that has been growing slowly. In the dining room he has a play area with a large carpet, mats and all their toys to make the croquette (roll in the floor) at ease.That’s where we spend most of the day and we also share the space with Valentina and Mandarino.

What’s your favorite plan to do with Benito?

Our favorite plan to do with Benito is undoubtedly going to the pool. For a few months now we go on Saturdays in the morning and we all love it. Beni really likes water and he has a great time.


Do you already have a favorite storybook(s)?

The truth is that he still doesn’t have a favorite book but I do :), I usually read Meritxell Martí’s book Buenas noches after the bath. It’s a simple book but perfect before going to sleep. Despite not having a favorite story, Benito has a favorite song: Los cinco lobitos is a smash hit.


What are his favorite toys?And what was your favorite toy when you were little?

Beni’s favorite toy is a wooden ring with colored satin ribbons that I made for him, if he has all of his toys in front of him that’s the first one he takes and the one that catches his attention. Mine was a plastic cow that whistled if you squeezed it, do you know those toys that are super annoying?Well, that was my favorite (hahaha).

We love your style so we can’t stop asking you to make us a Christmas list! What would Benito ask to the Three Wise Men?

Wobbel Balance Board from Jugaia.
Olliella Holdie House from Avabanana.
Blue wooden goblets from Aúpa organics!
Mamitis T-shirt from La tribu de mami.


And finally, what do you like the most about Lauvely? What’s your favorite Lauvely Friend? What would you like to find in the next Lauvely collection?

What I like the most about Lauvely is the color palette that you have chosen and that you use in the doll’s fabrics. It seems super delicate and makes them so adorable. I think that if we asked Benito, he would tell us that those fine and perfect arms to grab and not release is what he likes the most about your dolls. My favorite, without a doubt, is Pedro <3 I love him!
And what would I like to find in the next Lauvely collection? … I have no doubts here, DINOSAURS!


And to end this lauvely interview we bring you a Christmas wishlist inspired in Marta and her family! Thank you so much Marta!

1. Storybook “Buenas Noches” by Meritxell Martí. 2. Space Princess by Lauvely3. Olliella Holdie House from Avabanana. 4. Blue wooden goblets from Aúpa organics!  5. Wobbel Balance Board de Jugaia.


All the pics in this post belongs to Marta. You can follow her on her IG account: @undiagris

I hope you have enjoyed and have being inspired!

Love, Laura

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