Customise your ballerina so that she looks like to whoever you love the most and create a unique doll. Choose the tone of her skin between light and dark. Choose the colour of her hair among 6 different shades: light blond, dark blond, red hair, brown, brunette or black. And add the dress on your favorite colour: pink, blue, yellow, white or black. And if you want to give it an even more special touch, add some lurex to the dress, it will shine with its own light. And, as a last step, indicate for whom the doll will be and its name will be written on the label.

Like all Lauvely Friends, it will be knitted with soft 100% lambswool and hand embroidered. It is very special, if you take care of her she will always be your friend.

Delivery time: being a personalized product once you place your order we will get to work and the delivery time will be two/three weeks. If you need it more urgently, write to us before placing your order at

We are looking forward to seeing your combination!

* The photos are examples of combinations and not all possible ones are shown but we hope that with the examples you can get an idea of ​​your choice.

* Check that your chosen combination does not match the pre-existing models (Anna, Maya, Misty, Diana or Lauren), in this case make your purchase on the corresponding page.

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