The Glowing Moon Catalina sometimes shines at night and sometimes appears by day. Sometimes she looks like a round cheese and sometimes like a tasty slice of watermelon. Sometimes with the stars she talks and sometimes the sailors she guides. Sometimes you do not see her in the sky because she is a bit shy but what she wants the most in the world is to be part of your gang.

She is knitted with soft 100% lambswool and hand-embroidered. She is very special, if you take care of her, she will always be your friend.

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Out of stock

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Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg

33 cm diameter (approx.)


100% Lambswool OEKO-TEX® certificated.


Non-toxic 100% polyester stuffing OEKO-TEX® certificated.


Hand wash in cold water.


All LAUVELY toys are embroidered and handmade so the finishing may be a little different from the picture. That is what makes them so unique and special! Colours may also differ from the screen picture. Handmade in Spain.