Our new Lauvely mermaid Casilda

We are very happy to introduce you our new Lauvely mermaid Casilda!!


The mermaid Casilda arrives to join to her friends Adelia, Ariadna, Marina, Chlóe, Sacha and Mila, and complete that way our great sea family.



The Mermaid Casilda always wears a coral dress. She is an avid reader, she loves stories of adventures and faraway places. But between book and book, she also likes to paint with the colors of the sea.

Every night, she and her friends get close to the seashore to listen to the cheerful songs of ‘One Eyed’ Jack.




As all the Lauvely Friends our mermaids are knitted with the softest 100% lambswool, with the OEKO-TEX® certificated and, as always, handmade and hand-embroidered one by one in our lauvely studio.



A little treasure for the little ones!

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