• Meet Marta from Lluvia al pasear

    This weekend in Spain we celebrate the day of the Three Wise Men, it is when children receive their Christmas gifts, so as a gift to you, I bring you ane interview to Marta from the blog Lluvia al pasear. Although we live in the same city I met Marta through Instagram. Through her photographs on this IG and her blog Marta tells us what her motherhood is like as the mother of an adopted child. I adore their naturalness talking about issues such as adoption or racism, always making you think, encouraging you to make small turns in the language that do it cost you nothing and mean a lot to those who listen to them… I have being inspired in her little boy when I wanted to create dolls with his skin tone, like the mermaid Casilda, the ballerina Misty or the cyclist Taylor, I hope to contribute my grain of sand so that these children have dolls where to be reflected and not feel excluded.

    But now I don’t talk more and I leave you with Marta and after reading the interview I invite you to walk through her blog and her Instagram account @lluviaalpasear.

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  • The beautiful family of Marta

    Combining the work of Lauvely with a baby is being harder than I thought and even if I plan a thousand things I have no time to do the most part of them … So, these interviews are coming out with more delay than I thought, but it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that here they are and if they don’t arrive in time to inspire you this Christmas, they will do it for the next ones.

    Today I introduce you to Marta from @undiagris, one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts that I follow, so if you don’t follow her, I don’t know what you are waiting for! Her photos are full of freshness and love and her photo captions they always make you smile. I was a fan of Valentina and Mandarino, but since Benito arrived … Oh! I’m in love with him! It’s also very cool to share motherhood with her almost at the same time and see that what Benito does now it will be done by Oliver in a few months.

    But now I don’t talk more and I leave you with Marta and I hope you feel inspired by her wonderful family.

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  • Meeting Sally from Konoc

    One more year I wanted to get into the homes of three wonderful women and that they tell us a little more about their family and their way of life and thus be able to offer you some inspiration and a moment of reading for this Christmas.

    I met Sally a while ago, she wrote me and told me that the magazine Real Homes had published in a beautiful report of her house and my dolls came out in it! Imagine the illusion! When I saw the photos, I not only fell in love with her house but I also fell in love with her brand, Konoc. Also, this fall in London I had the pleasure of meeting Sally in person during the “Junior Magazine Awards” ceremony and she is a lovely person. That is why I wanted to meet her and know her a little more with this interview.


    So I leave you with Sally and I hope you are inspired by her wonderful family!


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  • Meet Tena’s little family

    With a little delay, I hope you forgive me, here comes the third Advent interview. I started following Tena on her Instagram account @Tiny_tomboys when she bought her first Lauvely doll, at that time her little Bianca was 6 months old. Since then I have seen her growing up and every day she surprises me with her wonderful outfits, she is only three years old but she is such a fashion influencer!

    I leave you with Tena and Bianca and I hope you feel inspired by their wonderful family!


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  • Meeting Kayla from This Little Wandering

    It is the second Sunday of Advent and we bring you a very special interview! Today we are talking with Kayla from @this.little.wandering, she has one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts, her house, her daugthers, her pics… everything is like a fairy tale!

    We hope you like her as much as we do and we hope her beautiful family will inspire you!

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  • Talking with Maria from Tellkiddo

    The countdown to Christmas has started and this year we wanted to bring you four interviews that we will share every Sunday of Advent until Christmas Day. With them we wanted you to know a little more about four Lauvely families that inspire us with their day to day through their Instagram accounts.

    We start with Maria, from Tellkiddo. From the beginning Maria has supported our small brand and we can not be happier to see her little ones with our dolls. We hope her beautiful family will inspire you!


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  • The Swan Lake ballerinas

    If I had to choose a ballet as my favourite it would undoubtedly be The Swan Lake of  Tchaikovsky. Its melody, its staging, the wonderful costumes… that’s why our version of the white swan and the black swan could not be missing in our Ballerinas Collection. Thus, we welcome Diana and Lauren to our Lauvely world!


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  • Our new Lauvely mermaid Casilda

    We are very happy to introduce you our new Lauvely mermaid Casilda!!

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  • The story of Billy Cat

    Four years ago Billy Cat Solidario was born, even before Lauvely (maybe Lauvely was born because of Billy Cat, but that is another story) and it came inspired by a similar event, “Softies for Mirabel”, that one day caught my attention on Instagram and where, once a year, people all over the world send handmade toys for the kids of the Mirabel Foundation. I felt moved by the idea and I thought that we could make something alike, at a smaller scale, in our little town. That is how Billy Cat was born, a simple kitten made from recycled jumpers. Continue Reading

  • Ava and Arlo,
    the Jumper Bunnies

    We are very happy to introduce you the new Lauvely Friends, Ava and Arlo the Jumper Bunnies! A very special collaboration that we have made with the New Zealand brand Le Edit.

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