Meeting Kayla from This Little Wandering

It is the second Sunday of Advent and we bring you a very special interview! Today we are talking with Kayla from @this.little.wandering, she has one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts, her house, her daugthers, her pics… everything is like a fairy tale!

We hope you like her as much as we do and we hope her beautiful family will inspire you!


Hi, Kayla! First of all, thank you so much for letting us to get into your house and for this little interview. We follow you on Instagram and we are in love with your daughters and your house, but for those who don´t know you, please, introduce your family (how many kids you have, how old are they, where do you live, what do you do for a living, …).

Hi! Yes so I live with my husband Ben and our two daughters Jessamyn, and Ophelia in Colorado. Jessamyn is four and Ophelia is one. My husband works for the city and I do photography and marketing from home. We currently live in an aframe cabin. In the mountains and love it. We are really close to hiking and skiing and the community is just amazing. We also have a converted school bus that we travel in on the weekdays to be with Ben while he is working.


Your house is wonderful and very, very special. what do you like the most of living in there? There are other houses around? How is the nearest town? How is to live in a place like that with children?

SO yeah! We have a cabin in the mountains it is about 700 square feet and we love it. We have neighbors and we live about 10 minutes from town and over all it is just like anyone living anywhere else. The one exception being that we cannot get mail at the cabin so we do have a p.o box in town. Living at the cabin is amazing, we are so close to nature, surrounded by BLM land and national forest it is a dream come true. We moved into the cabin because it was cheaper than buying a house in Denver and we wanted to live somewhere we could afford and haven’t ever regretted it. I think my favorite part is that you can hear the coyotes howling at night and it is like the most beautiful music. Also there is a herd of elk that passes through every couple week and there are literally hundreds of them it is amazing!

What is your favorite plan to do outside with the kids?

Hiking, always hiking. We love to go back into the national forest and hike. I wear Ophelia in a pack and Jessamyn walks and is usually looking for mermaids or any sort of animal she can imagine. It is so realizing to be out in nature with both girls and I am hoping to hike more with them once the weather warms up a bit as currently we have snow and more snow on the way!


And if it’s raining and you have to stay at home, what’s your favorite activity to do in family?

Well, honestly we go out when it is raining so I am not sure I have a good answer for that. We love to go into town and just sit in a coffee shop and hang out. Jessamyn is pretty much a pro at chilling in coffee shops and loves it. When we are home the girls really just play together. They have a play kitchen they love and they are always cooking different things and playing games together.


Tell us, how is your daughters’ room? What do you like the most of it? What should be a must-have in a kids’ room?

The girls room is just their two beds and a little toy box. I don’t have a must have for a kids room because honestly we have moved a lot and the girls room has changed a lot. I think for us it isn’t about the room as much as it is about what they want to put in there. Both girls are so sweet with their stuffed toys and as you can imagine their room is full of their little friends and I think that is what makes it their room more than anything.

What’s your daughters’ favorite storybook? And yours?

Oh gosh, I am not sure we have one! I know that sounds horrible but the girls mostly use books to build paths to walk on right now. When I was pregnant I bought so many children’s books totally set on us reading but so far they have mostly used them to build bridges in imaginary games and as menus when they are playing restaurant. Both girls are super active and really into imaginary play so a lot of our books have just become pieces of the many games they play and for now I am totally okay with that.


What are their favorite toys?

Both girls are super into imaginative play so their favorite toys are for sure their babies, play food, and anything else along those lines. They are constantly cooking and rocking babies and just creating all sorts of worlds and games and I love it!

What are your favorite brands for kids (clothes/ toys)?

Well obviously we love your brand! Also Chasing WindMills (kids), FoothillFawn, Kusi Kusi Knit Wear, and Louise Misha… but really so many more. As for toys the girls aren’t picky and really love anything they can cuddle or pretend with.

And to end, what do you like the most of Lauvely? Who is your favorite Lauvely Friend?

The girls love the ballerinas so much! Both of them are so into playing pretend they are always dating around with them and it is so cute!


And to end this lauvely interview we bring you a Christmas wishlist inspired in Kayla and her family! Thank you so much Kayla!


1. The Pink Ballerina Anna from Lauvely2. Jupe Gabriela Shamallow dress from Louise Misha3. Rainbow wall rug from Oyoy.  4. Ballerina dress Mint from EleStory  5. Mustard Turban from Knotbaby. 6. The Blue Ballerina Maya from Lauvely.


All the pics in this post belongs to Kayla from This Little Wandering. You can follow her on her IG account: @tthis.little.wandering.


I hope you have enjoyed and have being inspired!

Love, Laura

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