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With a little delay, I hope you forgive me, here comes the third Advent interview. I started following Tena on her Instagram account @Tiny_tomboys when she bought her first Lauvely doll, at that time her little Bianca was 6 months old. Since then I have seen her growing up and every day she surprises me with her wonderful outfits, she is only three years old but she is such a fashion influencer!

I leave you with Tena and Bianca and I hope you feel inspired by their wonderful family!



Hi Tena! First of all, thank you so much for letting us to get into your house and for this little interview. First, please, introduce us your family (how many kids you have, how old are they, where do you live, what do you do for a living, …).

Hi Laura! We are a happy family of four – my husband Zvonimir, myself and our two lovely kids – son Jakob, who will turn 6 in January and daughter Bianca, who is 3. We live in beautiful Zagreb, which is the capital of Croatia. My husband is a bar manager and I run my own illustration studio.


Bianca is such a fashion influencer! Where do you find the inspiration for her clothing? What are your favorite kids clothing brands?

Ever since I can remember, I liked to mix and match girly and boyish clothes. I have that same approach when I choose outfits for Bianca. I try to avoid high street shops as much as I can and I love to shop small. I also believe life is too short to wear boring shoes (or sneakers in our case). I like so many brands, but some of my favourite kids clothing brands are Bobo Choses and Beau Loves.

Her room beams as much style as her, tell us how is your daughter’s room (show us some pictures, if you can). What do you like the most of it? What should be a must-have in a kids’ room?

At the moment, my kids share a room, so their room is mostly gender neutral with pastel coloured details. The room has lots of natural light, so we decided to paint one wall in black chalk paint. And it’s always messy. I think a good picture book library and an art nook is a must-have in kids’ room.

What is your favorite plan to do outside with the kids?

Jakob goes to preschool during the week, so I take Bianca to the Farmers’ Market each morning. She likes to take her little bag with her and I let her choose fruits and vegetables. Afterwards we take a walk through the forest to my studio. In the afternoon, when we pick Jakob up from preschool, we usually go to the park or spend time riding bikes and scooters/skateboarders.


And if it’s raining and you have to stay at home, what’s your favorite activity to do in family?

We go out every day, rain or shine. The only time we stay indoors all day is if the kids are not feeling well. Then we like to draw, do puzzles, watch old Disney cartoons and read books. Bianca love to play with dolls and Jakob likes his Schleich animal collection.

What’s your children’s favorite storybook? And yours?

We have too many picture books to choose just one, but we love following books:

Los Liszt, from Kyo Maclear and Júlia Sardà.
Cannonball Coralie And The Lion from Grace Easton.
Jumble Wood from Helena Covell.
Little Monkey from Marta Altes.
Through The Forest from Steffie Brocoli and Catherine Bidet.


 Christmas is coming and it’s a time full of traditions, how do you celebrate Xmas in your country? What are your and your kids favorite traditions? Have you created with your family any new tradition?

We buy a small Christmas tree and decorate it with plenty of lights and few Christmas decorations. On Christmas Eve we have lunch or dinner with my parents and on Christmas we visit my mother-in-law. We like to spend that time with family and friends. I do try to find and buy special presents for the kids.

What are their favorite toys?

Besides Diana and Isadora, Bianca loves Olli Ella Holdie House and Sonny Angels. Jakob likes Schleich animals and Londji puzzles.


We love your style, so we have to ask you to make a Xmas wishlist!!

My kids always get something they need, something to wear, something they want and something to read.

Bianca will probably (I still don’t have the complete list) get Pappwatch Kids Paper Digital Watch, two picture books and Moonpicnic Weather Station (she is obsessed with weather and telling time). Jakob will also get two books, new sneakers, Schleich Hulk and Funko Snow White Mystery Minis.


And to end, what do you like the most of Lauvely? Who is your favorite Lauvely Friend?

I found Lauvely when Bianca was just 6 months all and I instantly fell in love with the design of the dolls. I’m very strict when it comes to buying toys and I try to buy them toys which are beautifully designed. That’s why I can’t name my favourite Lauvely Friend – you always surprise me with amazing new designs. We love them all! I plan on adding Zampano and Pedrolino to our collection.


1. Through The Forest” from Steffie Brocoli & Catherine Bidet. 2. Black Swan Ballerina Diana, from Lauvely3. Moonpicnic Weather Station.  4. Books dress from Beau Love  5. Digital Paper Watch Constelations from PappWatch Kids. 6. Rose Stripes Beanie from BoboChoses.


All the pics in this post belongs to Tena from Tiny Tomboys. You can follow her on her IG account: @tiny_tomboys.


I hope you have enjoyed and have being inspired!

Love, Laura

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