How to make a Billy Cat

Making a Billy Cat is very easy. You only need an old jumper to recycle (previously washed), the patter, a marker, scissors, pins, needles, thread, lots of love and to follow these steps:

1/ Print your pattern in an A4 and cut it.
2/ Put the pattern over the fabric of the jumper, hold it well with pins and draw it with a marker.

3/ Cut the fabric leaving at least 1 cm from the drawn line.
4/ You already have a piece.
5/ Do the same for the other piece and, when you have them, join them with pins with the good sides of the fabric facing each other.

6/ Keep the pieces joined with the pins and start sewing with backstitch above the painted line. And leaving open the area between A and B to turn your toy and fill it. If you know how, you can sew it with your sewing machine.

7/ After sewing make a few little cuts with care in the corners, so your toy get a better shape when you flip it.

8/ You can embroider the face before or after filling it, with padding or the remnants of an old cushion. Be creative and do the face as you want. Don’t forget to put it a red nose! It can be a pompom, a button, a piece of felt… whatever it comes to your mind.

9/ When you have it done, close it with ladder stitch.

And that’s it! Your toy is ready to make a kid happy! :)

Photos: © María Cear

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