The new Lauvely collection is based on the fantastic world of space. What child has not dreamed of being an astronaut and traveling to the moon? Or maybe having a Martian friend? Or with Space Princesses coming from another galaxy?

Thus, with little nods to the sci-fi films of our childhood, seven new Lauvely friends are born: the small and intrepid astronauts Pedro and Valentina; the Martian Martin, who has decided to stay to live on Earth; Belka and Félicette, a dog and a kitten who can boast of having traveled to Space; the brilliant Moon Catalina who watches everything from the sky; and the adventurous Space Princess, who instead of a crown wears an ideal cape.

All of them are eager to live a thousand space adventures with the little ones of the house (and maybe also with some adult, why not?) and become their best friends.





All the toys of the Lauvely Friends collection are carefully handmade, knitted with 100% lambswool and delicately embroidered one by one, with a deep love at detail. Unique toys that appeal both children and grown-ups.


«Its handcrafted elaboration makes of each Lauvely toy a unique and special object»


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