Our new Lauvely Cyclists dolls, inspired by legends of cycling, are dedicated to all the bike lovers, to all those who enjoy traveling with their bike through winding roads, even more so, if they are accompanied by friends, to those who like the climbs more steep because they know that after the fast descent comes, to those who collect maillots of all colors, to those who seem to have wings on their feet and they always make the best time, to those who spend hours on their bike and do not stop until they reach the goal… but, above all, for those small and big people who want to have a special companion with whom to share walks, races and hundreds of memories for the future.

Welcome Eddy, Jacques, Fausto and Taylor!Guardar



All the toys of the Lauvely Friends collection are carefully handmade, knitted with 100% lambswool and delicately embroidered one by one, with a deep love at detail. Unique toys that appeal both children and grown-ups.


«Its handcrafted elaboration makes of each Lauvely toy a unique and special object»