The new Lauvely Ballerinas are dedicated to all ballet lovers, to all those little people who like to wear tutu every day, those who can not avoid standing on tiptoe every time they hear the first notes of a melody, those who like to turn and turn without stopping, those who prefer rainy days to jump over the puddles, those who spend the day doing cartwheels or doing the handstand to see the world upside down, but, above all, to those who want to have a special companion with whom to share dances, games and hundreds of memories for the future.

Welcome Lauren, Anna, Maya, Misty and Diana!




All the toys of the Lauvely Friends collection are carefully handmade, knitted with 100% lambswool and delicately embroidered one by one, with a deep love at detail. Unique toys that appeal both children and grown-ups.


«Its handcrafted elaboration makes of each Lauvely toy a unique and special object»


It is the perfect way to accompany me on my day to day, to know more about my working process, the things that inspire me or to meet my four cats!